Pyrometer Technology is Getting Smart!

Older model Ircon, Mikron, and Land pyrometers are becoming obsolete, and will no longer be supported as manufacturers go digital.
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Would you personally ever trade in your smart phone for an old-school flip phone? On January 9th, 2007 Apple released the very first iPhone, not only pioneering an advanced cell phone technology, but a new generation of “smart” devices. The notion of downgrading from the latest version of your Apple or Android device, to a pre-2007 phone seems ridiculous, almost laughable. So why would you trust something as critical as your industrial temperature measurement to a pyrometer that’s the equivalent of an analog flip-phone?

As non-contact pyrometer manufacturers continue to migrate from analog to digital, Industry 4.0 connectivity-ready devices, pyrometer technology of old is being phased out. This makes it difficult to find spare parts and service, particularly in terms of maintaining your instrument in peak working condition, as well as keeping it calibrated within spec.

Man with the yellow Safety Helmet

We hope this has never been the look on your face because you found out your current pyrometer is obsolete. Even worse, perhaps inaccurate temperature measurements have negatively affected your final product and bottom line. As you probably know, just a few degrees variation in your process can impact the quality of your final product.

Precise industrial temperature measurement is one of our specialties at Weiss Industrial. Other than power, we know that temperature is the most crucial variable in the manufacturing process. It best serves our customers to hone our skills in providing industrial temperature measurement solutions at critical points in the manufacturing process.

At Weiss we strive to offer our customers an accurate and reliable solution to their industrial temperature measurement challenges. With 55 + years of field experience, we’ve engineered a myriad of temperature measurement applications across multiple industries – particularly in steel and secondary metals. Simply stated, we want to offer our customers a solution that truly works, which is why we only chose to partner with the best in class equipment and instrument OEMs.

Our partners at AMETEK | Land have developed the high-performance SPOT pyrometer with application dedicated models, the high-precision, rugged, compact, IQ pyrometer, and the highly accurate portable Cyclops L hand-held pyrometer as upgrades to older model Ircon, Mikron and Land Systems. If you are interested in transitioning to more accurate, digitized temperature measurement, Land is sweetening the deal with up to 20% off when you trade-in your current instrument – no matter the manufacturer!

Explore the Future of Smart Industrial Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Land S Equipment

Precision optics | Sensitive detectors | Advanced high speed digital processing

Land S Equipment

Intelligent Application Pyrometers
Will calculate and apply the correct settings automatically with significantly improved accuracy and speed in more varied situations compared with previous pyrometers.

Land S Laser Equipment

Highly accurate and reliable temperature reading. Easy to set emissivity value automatically with the instrument to adjust the pyrometer to the application.

My current pyrometer works fine, why should I trade it in?
AMETEK | Land have been industry leaders in precise temperature measurement since 1947. This trade-in offer allows manufacturers to upgrade and digitize their industrial process at a significant discount. Trade-in your current instrument, and receive up to 20% off a SPOT IQ, SPOT GS or Cyclops L. Contact Weiss Industrial to learn more about new pyrometer technology and schedule a free demo.