ISO-17025 Accredited Service Department

Weiss Industrial has been serving manufacturers and utilities in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1965! Today, we have expanded our diverse product line of equipment to 13 industrial OEMs across 10 states. You can download our manufacturer line card here.

Decades of field experience taught us that supplying instrumentation and the components of an industrial network is only part of what our customers need. Maintaining that network and the corresponding instrumentation is equally important. We have established a team of skilled and dedicated field service technicians available to be dispatched. Our Pittsburgh office also includes and in-house repair shop.

Please see our accreditations and scope of work outlined below. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Contact us, additional services may be available on a case-by-case basis. Even if we can’t perform the services you are seeking, we can at least point you in the right direction. We are well-connected and work with numerous businesses in the industrial sector.

Temperature and pressure calibrations

  • Calibration of furnace control instruments (Controllers, High Limits and Recorders) using a field calibrator to simulate a T/C, mA, or mV signal. Also, able to read a T/C, mA, or mV signal (in the case that the furnace is running and cannot be idled.)
  • Calibration of IR Pyrometers, on-site or at Weiss Shop with the use of various black body sources. Able to calibrate temperature ranges starting at 200°F and up to 2700°F (93°C – 1482°C)


Thermocouples and RTD’s, Thermocouple Wire and Transmitters, Thermowells, Infrared Spot Pyrometers (Ratio and Single Wavelength), Thermal Imaging Cameras, Handheld Pyrometers

  • Perform SATs (System Accuracy Test) and TUSs (Temperature Uniformity Survey) on Lab, Batch, Car Bottom, Vacuum, and various other production FCEs.


  • Perform maintenance and troubleshooting on Single Loop Controllers, Multi-Loop Controllers, Hi-Limit Controllers, Digital Indicators, Strip Chart Recorders, Paperless Recorders, SCR Power Controllers, Solid State Contactors and Relays, Electric Valve Actuators, Damper Actuators.’
  • Battery Service
  • UPS Systems

Additionally, you can download our services flyer here. We are proud to be a ISO-17025 calibration services provider, please note our official certification document. Thank you for your business, we look forward to serving you!