EnerSys is the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications including switchgear control power, UPS backup and engine starting. Complementing our extensive line of reserve power, aerospace/defense and specialty batteries is a full range of integrated removal, disposal and installation services with associated certification.

JMS Southeast designs and manufactures a complete line of high-quality standard and custom temperature sensors including thermocouples, RTD’s and thermowells as well as a selection of temperature accessories. They provide 24-hour Swifty Sensor Service, at no extra cost, which is their new calibration program that complies with ISO 9000 / OSHA PM 1910 and is NIST traceable.

Lenox Instrument is an American innovator in visual inspection instruments for over 80 years. Serving defense, power generation and manufacturers by solving their most challenging, and often, most hostile remote image acquisitions. Lenox offers a full line of high quality, high reliability, borescopes, furnace lenses and fire sight instruments. Our exclusive line of high temperature boiler and furnace camera systems are the best in the industry.

Ametek Land specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial non-contact temperature measurement products including a complete line of application specific, as well as general purpose spot pyrometers. Land’s Line Scanners and Fixed Thermal Imagers are arguably the best commercially available products for industrial thermal processes.

Control Concepts is the market leader in the design and manufacture of stock and custom SCR power controllers. Our single phase, three phase, zero-cross and phase-angle power controllers have voltage ratings ranging from 24 to 690 volts and current ratings ranging from 8 to 2000 amps.

Perfect Harmony Medium Voltage VFD’s are the standard by which all MV VFD’s are measured. Ranging from 250HP to 25MW, every Perfect Harmony drive will meet IEEE 519-1992 harmonic standards, in existing distribution systems, using existing motors, without the need for an isolation transformer or additional harmonic filters.

Automation Service is internationally recognized as a leading supplier of remanufactured process instrumentation and control valves. Our on-staff engineers follow rigorous quality control checks and incorporate extensive testing throughout our entire process. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification verifies that our methods are solid, thorough, and continually improving.

Warner Power provides highly engineered power conversion products and services that improve process reliability and efficiency for a broad range of industries worldwide. They provide Power Conversion products such as SCR based AC power systems, rectifiers and DC power systems as well as switch mode power supplies. Their custom magnetics and dry type transformers include AC and DC chokes, Saturable core reactors, Isolation dry type transformers, autotransformers and Scott-T transformers.

Eurotherm and Barber-Colman are the leading global suppliers of control, measurement/ data recording solutions and services to industrial heating systems, plastics processing and process customers. Products include: Wonderware Factory Suite, PAC (Programmable Process Analog Controller) Solutions, Single and Multiloop Process and Temperature Controllers, SCR Power Control, Paperless and Paper Recorders and Data Acquisition.

Foxboro is a world leading manufacturer of process automation and control solutions to meet the needs of virtually any enterprise in the process industries – from stand-alone processes that need basic, reliable functionality, to complex integrated enterprises that control critical or hazardous operations from remote locations. Products include the I/A Series Distributed Control System (DCS), Field Measurement & Control Instruments and both Triple Modular Redundant Safety Systems and Turbo Machinery Control Systems from Triconex.

Gutor industrial UPS and Power Conversion products include double conversion UPS systems with PFC Rectifiers, highly customizable double conversion UPS systems, inverter systems, and DC output UPS systems.

Triconex solutions are highly valued and used across a broad range of high hazard industries including Oil and Gas, exploration and production, refining, petrochemical, chemical, pipelines, distribution, energy and power generation. They supply products, systems and services for safety, critical control and turbomachinery applications. Triconex products are based on Triple modular redundancy (TMR) industrial safety-shutdown technology and they operate globally in more than 11,500 installations.